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TERM 3!!!

July 25, 2008

Alright guys, Term 3 has hit us and hit us hard! It’s only the first week and it’s raining. But we shall never let some little bitchin rain spoil our fun. Right? So syked to make a short film this term, do some sweet Multimedia madness!!! 




Frosted Flakes Cereal+Mi Goreng

June 15, 2008

Do you need a holiday sugar snack? (Asks Holden)

Why not try FROSTED FLAKES CEREAL. It just makes you smile in the morning. But remember, our personal health is the main key. It’s full of rich sugar which isnt too good for you, but who goes by the rules these days? 


Oh and Mi Goreng is good for any lonely Saturday night. Just whip it up in 5 minutes and the taste buds will be flowing. Always does the trick. While cooking, remember you need Earth,Wind and Fire playing in the background

mi goreng



June 15, 2008

The positive vibes are leaking through the roof right now. The Multimedia assignment is done and looking quite fine compared to what it used to be like! BIG EARS Music festival, sure it’s just an imaginary website. Or is it? It just might become reality. watch out, lock up your daughters everyone cause BIG EARS IS COMING TO TOWN!!!!

I saw Sex and the City tonight. 

Sushi scene rocked my world. 



MONDAY June 2 2008 2:50 PM

June 2, 2008

Today i updated my website and added the “NEWS” and “creators” part of the website.
I’m getting closer and closer to finishing my website.
it will feature a a video interview with Half Nelson.

peace out

WED 2:34 May 28 2008

May 28, 2008

Here are three screen shots of what i’ve done so far on my website. The homepage, the lineup and ABOUT page for


May 23, 2008



May 23, 2008



May 22, 2008

Hey everyone!

Today i worked on my MUSIC FESTIVAL WEBSITE. 

I have designed most of the pages and the whole design of my websites. 

Today i did the hard task of the line up and STAGES. 

The line up is the greatest line up of all time. 

Ticket prices

500 000 people roughly

it was good

Monday, even better. 




May 19, 2008

This is the evaluation of the four websites that i posted before. 


I really like the layout of this site. It is so easy to get around. And i like the fact that the blogs on this site are actually taken seriously. The colour representation is great as well. 


Splendour in the Grass is my favourite music festival in the area. And it’s site is slowly becoming one of my favourites. It is so original! The design in terms of the images on the homepage are so fun and exciting to watch. 


The artistic side of things in this site is the one thing i love. The background literally looks like a 16th Century painting. Once again, really easy to get around. This is site is no MAZE. 


Really simple. It uses a lot of photographs and it has a music player which is the one of the things i wish to incorrporate into mine. 



May 19, 2008

I have never designed my own website before and i’m not really sure how mine is going to turn out. I am going to do my webpage for my band HALF NELSON. A site that people and or “fans” of the band can visit to see pictures, videos and frequent information to keep them up to speed with how we’re going. The Website includes a general home page, blog,news,gig dates,pictures,videos,interviews,biography,music player,links,contact info… the whole BANG!!!! 

Here is some sites that will help me on a design level for the site.


i think this is the direction i want to go in with site. 

I will make my mind up one day.